Online Volume 1 Issue(2) Dec 2016
Novel chalcone derivatives: Design, synthesis and histone deacetylase inhibition activity

Mamdouh F. A. Mohamed, Montaser Sh. A. Shaykoon, Mostafa H. Abdelrahman, Bakheet E. M. Elsadek, Gamal El-Din A. A. Abuo-Rahma

Keywords: Chalcone, Histone deacetylase, HDAC inhibitors, Hydroxamic acids, Benazmides.

Hepatic Ischemia Reperfusion Injury: Pathophysiology and Thera-peutic Strategies

Fares E.M Ali, Amira M. Abo-Youssef, Basim A.S. Messiha, Ramadan A.M. Hemeida.

Keywords: Hepatic ischemia; Oxidative stress; Pathophysiology; Reper-fusion; Therapy.

Circulating oxidant/antioxidant balance in Egyptian patients with hepatitis C virus induced liver fibrosis

Abdullatif A. Ahmed, Ahmed A. Abdel Ghany, Soad M. Abdel Ghany, Mohamed A. Abdel Aziz, Shamardan E. S. Bazeed, and Bakheet E. M. Elsadek

Keywords: Liver fibrosis, Hepatitis C virus, oxidative stress.

Molecular study of the effect of insertion mutation in RNA dependent protein kinase (PKR) Promoter Region on the outcome of HCV infection in Egyptian Patients: (genotype 4a)

Mustafa Hamzawy, Ahmed Wahid, GamalFadl, Mohammed M. Ghalifa

Keywords: Egypt, genotype 4, HCV, PKR promoter region, spon-taneous resolvers, insertion mutation, viral hepatitis.

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