Reviewers Guidelines                               [Download Template]

Reviewers play a significant role in publishing of articles. Peer reviewing process is an necessary process for quality of research, scientific validation and publication. Journal of Innovative Drug Research and Development welcomes researchers, academicians and scientists interested in serving as volunteer reviewer. Any researcher with Ph.D. as a minimum educational qualification is eligible to be a reviewer.

Guidelines to be followed while reviewing the articles:

  1. Reviewers should not be biased or partial while reviewing the manuscript.
  2. Reviewers should review the manuscript within the provided timeline in order to facilitate timely completion of the review process.
  3. Reviewer should directly inform the editor if the manuscript does not meet the standards of the journal or there is no quality content in the manuscript.
  4. Reviewers should directly contact the editor/editorial office if there is any problem in the manuscript content/ figures/ tables/ experimental data
  5. Articles are assigned based on the research interests of the reviewer.
  6. Reviewers have to remember that the final decision to accept or reject will depend on the comments from the editor.
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